Mint Parsley Pesto

When I was little, I refused to eat pesto. I wasn’t a very picky eater for the most part, and the majority of my few dislikes (broccoli, asparagus) came from me and my brother’s general quest to eat fewer vegetables. But pesto pasta – that was one dish that I just couldn’t get behind. This … More Mint Parsley Pesto

Lemon Curd

The art of cooking is one part precision, one part creativity, and one part magic – at least that’s how I felt as a little girl, watching my mom whip up wonderful creations in our kitchen. I remembering feeling amazed to see her turn even the most basic set of ingredients into a delicious and … More Lemon Curd

Pappa al Pomodoro

Devising ideas for dishes that I want to make is something that I never seem to have trouble with. My Pinterest account is filled with literally thousands of links to every conceivable type of recipe, and I’m constantly browsing my favorite food blogs for inspiration. In fact, I have a running list of dishes that … More Pappa al Pomodoro

Oat Scones

This scone recipe comes from The Cheeseboard in Berkeley, where I grew up. This food establishment is unlike any other place in the world. It’s an amazing cheese shop (with hundreds of types of delicious cheese!), a vegetarian pizzeria serving the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, and a bakery with incredible baguettes and scones. Growing … More Oat Scones