Strawberry Coconut Fool

Creamy, smooth, cold, sweet, fruity, light, airy, white, and bright red… Let’s see, how many more adjectives can I come up with to describe this incredibly simple dessert? Fundamentally, a fool is effortless to prepare: just fold together a bit of syrupy fruit with custard or whipped cream. This dessert originates in England; the even-more-easy … More Strawberry Coconut Fool

Mint Parsley Pesto

When I was little, I refused to eat pesto. I wasn’t a very picky eater for the most part, and the majority of my few dislikes (broccoli, asparagus) came from me and my brother’s general quest to eat fewer vegetables. But pesto pasta – that was one dish that I just couldn’t get behind. This … More Mint Parsley Pesto