Daily Eats: Chili for Dinner

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

Yesterday I experimented with a new breakfast, and it turned out great! In a mason jar I combined one quarter cup of oats, one tablespoon of chia seeds, one teaspoon of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, a drizzle of honey, and one cup of almond milk. I shook everything together, then stashed it in my bag. By the time I got to work an hour later, the oats had softened and the chia seeds had absorbed some of the liquid, making a yummy pudding. I stirred in about a quarter cup of this pumpkin cereal for extra sweetness and crunch. The cereal is yummy but a little too sweet on its own, so this was the perfect combo! I also enjoyed some sliced melon.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

I also prepped a salad for lunch. I whisked together some dijon mustard, olive oil, and balsamic in a tupperware container for the dressing. I sliced a pear then tossed it in the dressing (so it wouldn’t go brown) and layered on top cooked quinoa, some goat cheese, and lots of greens. It was the perfect fall combination! I packed a couple of sliced cucumbers and two pumpkin oatmeal cookies (recipe coming soon!) for my afternoon snack.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

I was very hungry by the time I got home from work, but luckily I had a delicious dinner waiting. I enjoyed a bowl of homemade vegan chili with fall squash, plus a green salad and a couple of pumpkin cornbread muffins. It was seriously delicious. Check back later this week for the chili recipe.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

Later in the evening, I made popcorn! I popped it on the stove with coconut oil and salt. I shared it with my roommates, and enjoyed a small handful of chocolate chips, too – the perfect salty and sweet snack.

*My Daily Eats posts offer a glimpse into my everyday life and intuitive eating habits. They are meant to offer quick, healthy, and yummy meal ideas. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been eating recently!*

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