My Worst Eating Habits

My Worst Eating Habits | Glitter & Grace Blog
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Last week, we talked about how important it is to remember that there is no such thing as perfect eating. And while we should always eat according to what our body needs, the eating habits that we develop can also be incredibly impactful. Eating regularly, training your body to crave wholesome foods, and savoring your meals are all great goals that can help us feel energized and satisfied. When it comes to eating habits, I think there are a number of things that I do well. I absolutely love fruits and veggies, so it’s always been easy for me to pack lots of fresh produce into my day. I also constantly drink water. I know that this aids in digestion and helps me to feel awake and alert. I cook most of my meals from scratch, and finally, I always try to fit a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fat into my meals. But today, I want to share a few of my worse eating habits, because no one is perfect. I hope that by sharing these behaviors, I’ll be more motivated to work on changing them! Let me know in the comments below: what eating habits are you working on?

  • Eating while distracted. This is probably one of the worst things I do. I usually eat breakfast right when I get to the office, and I often check email at the same time. Any snacks throughout the day are also eaten in front of the computer. And I’m often busy reading or chatting with my roommates while I eat dinner. I know that when I’m not completely focused on my meal, I eat way too quickly. I also end up less satisfied, because I haven’t taken the time to really enjoy the flavors and savor my food. In the future, I’ll try to give myself permission to really focus on my meals, without multitasking or engaging in other activities.
  • My crazy sweet tooth. I know that it’s ok to treat myself to dessert every once in a while, but I crave sweets way too often. Many times, the sugar that I consume is simply out of habit, rather than because I truly want the treat. Recently, I’ve started looking closer at ingredient lists, because lots of sugar is often hidden in unsuspecting places (like my whole grain cereal). I’m trying to choose more natural forms of sugar – super fresh fruit, really dark chocolate- for everyday sweets. And of course, I try to really appreciate more decadent desserts when I choose to have them.
  • Snacking when I’m not hungry. I bet a lot of us struggle with eating because we’re bored, anxious, or stressed, rather than actually hungry. For me, it’s usually because a food just sounds way too yummy, whether it’s that chocolate bar in the pantry or a bite of my roommate’s take-out. To combat this habit, I try to remember that a food will never be as satisfying if I’m already full. I also remind myself that I can always enjoy whatever I’m craving the minute that I’m next hungry.

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