Daily Eats: Using Everything Up

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

I’ve barely been doing any grocery shopping this month. Instead, I’m trying to use up all of the odds and ends in my pantry and fridge. I thought it would be nice to head into the new year with a fresh start – and, it’s been great for my budget! Since I’m heading up to my visit my parents later today, yesterday was all about eating up the last of some leftovers. I’ve actually run out of my stock of oats, so I grabbed a bagel and some coffee for breakfast when I got to the office.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

Lunch was a serving of enchilada casserole with some black beans and roasted sweet potatoes. I was engrossed in a project for most of the late morning and afternoon, so I didn’t pay too much attention to this meal.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

However, I got really hungry later in the day, so I snacked on some sliced carrots and celery with almond butter. These veggies have been sitting around in my fridge for a while, so I was glad to finally use them up! I picked up a few of the nut butter packets to keep in my desk at work, thinking they would make a good afternoon snack paired with fresh fruit or vegetables. This flavor is super yummy!

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

I ended up working late, then did a short workout with my roommates when I got home. For dinner, I threw together what I could find: some leftover roasted veggies, two fried eggs, and my very last slice of sourdough, toasted and topped with pumpkin butter. Please excuse the fact that I took a couple of bites before remembering to snap a photo. This meal has been one of my favorite combinations, and it’s a great mix of protein, carbs, and lots of produce!

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