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Hi! How are you? I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here… I’ve had a busy start to the new year and have been focusing on work and social activities, but I haven’t forgotten this blog, either! The thing is, I never want to feel pressured to write. I know that would take the fun out of this hobby, so I’m giving myself the space to take a break when I need to. Even so, I spent some time over the past few days brainstorming topics I want to write about. So hopefully I’ll start posting more consistently again soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few interesting articles and stories that I’ve come across recently. It’s crazy how much cool, informative, and inspiring content exists out there on the internet. Personally, I love reading about anything related to food, health, fashion, and decor. Take a look at these posts I’ve been loving!

  • While I try to eat intuitively and let myself enjoy whatever foods I’m craving, my consumption (or often overconsumption) of sugar is something I’ve been focusing on recently. This article outlines some of the interesting and unexpected side effects of overindulging in sugar – exhaustion and indigestion, in particular, stood out to me! So I’m trying to at least pay more attention to how much sugar I’m eating, to see if this is something I can work on reducing over time.
  • Over the past few months, I’ve become more interested in produce, spices, and superfoods that offer tons of nutritional benefits. I’ve been adding flaxseed to my salads, drinking apple cider vinegar most mornings, and recently turmeric has caught my eye.  This spice is great for digestion, reduces inflammation, and may even help us sleep! I’ve been loving this recipe for turmeric milk – the perfect warm and calming drink that I’ve been trying to fit into my bedtime routine a few nights a week.
  • I looove this blog about life, love, and friendships in your 20s. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my career aspirations and where I fit in this crazy post-college working world. This article inspires me to really focus on figuring out what my calling is, and reassures me that I’ll find my path eventually.
  • I haven’t been cooking many complicated recipes recently. Instead, I’ve been relying on simple preparations of fresh produce, easy soups, and lots of eggs and toast. I did find some time last week to whip up a batch of my favorite banana bread cookies, and I was reminded how much I love them. They’re the perfect sweet treat that’s not too sugary and tastes deliciously substantial from the addition of whole wheat flour and flaxseeds. I’ve been enjoying two for breakfast with a green smoothie – I’ll need to make another batch soon!
  • I really like this post about common nutrition myths, from a great blogger who is also a registered dietitian! It’s a good reminder to focus on whole, good quality foods – including full-fat dairy and whole grain bread – rather than artificial, “health food” alternatives.

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