Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning | Glitter & Grace Blog
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Spring cleaning is an old tradition that always feels appropriate as the weather starts to warm and the rainy season ends. Somehow, in the first weeks of April, I begin to crave a more simple, neat home. As I pull out shorts and sundresses to incorporate into my wardrobe and search my closet for beach bags and sunglasses, I also try to clean up my space a bit. I make this a priority because I always feel better when my room is organized and everything is in its place. I also feel more productive when I can focus on what’s really important, rather than the distractions of clutter and dust. If you crave a cleaner environment too, dedicate a few hours this weekend to tidying your space! These are five of my favorite spring cleaning tips.

Clear out your inbox.

Digital disorder can definitely result in mental chaos, too! I tend to use my inbox as a bit of a to-do list, with each email signifying a reply I need to write or task I need to take care of. I have a bad habit of letting items linger in my inbox for longer than is necessary, but I always feel great when it’s totally empty (if just for a few hours).

Plan a simple closet refresh.

This is the perfect time to transition your closet from winter to spring. Whether that means embracing a capsule wardrobe or simply trading out your heavy coats for more lightweight sweaters, let your closet reflect the current season. This will make getting dressed every morning much easier. It also feeds into a more general goal of keeping easily accessible only the items that you really need in your life – in my opinion, a great way to reduce clutter.

Toss old toiletries.

Recently, I’ve gotten really into downsizing my makeup collection. At one point, I owned a lot of items that I rarely, if ever, used. What I’ve realized is that a curated collection of products that really works is better than an infinite amount of foundations, lip colors, and face masks that you can’t wrap your mind around. So take the time now to go through your bathroom and get rid of what doesn’t work for you. I suggest dumping everything (yes, everything) on the floor and methodically weeding out anything that’s long expired, no longer appealing, or something you’ve tried, with bad results.

Clean out your freezer.

I took this task to heart during my recent grocery challenge, and I really felt more organized and inspired once my freezer was empty. Take a couple weeks now to eat up the rest of the rich and hearty stews you’ve stocked up in your freezer. This will make way for the opportunity to enjoy more light salads and other seasonally appropriate dishes as spring becomes summer.

Add some fresh flowers.

Part of spring cleaning is making your space beautiful, too! Fresh flowers always make me smile, so I often pick up a simple bouquet at the grocery store for my bedroom. The beautiful, colorful blooms and light floral scent raise my spirits and make my entire room feel like a little oasis.

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