Books I’ve Read Recently | June 2016

Books I've Read Recently: June 2016 | Glitter & Grace Blog
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I feel like my list of books to read has ballooned in the past few months. Suddenly, there are so many things I’d like to read! Everything from the newest popular novels of the summer to some classics I’ve never read to a whole list of interesting nonfiction topics. While I can’t exactly say that this is a bad problem to have, it is tough to find much time to read! These are a few books I’ve finished in the past few months – some I loved, while others I didn’t enjoy quite as much. Hopefully I’ll start posting these lists more regularly, if I can actually find a way to up my reading time!

  • RoomEmma Donoghue: I definitely would suggest this novel, but be warned: it’s difficult to read. The book centers around a young woman and her son, who have been held captive in a small garden shed for many years. Much of the story’s depth and significance come from the narrations by five year old Jack. His naive and limited view of the world, and his horrifying circumstances, is both heart wrenching and fascinating. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie soon.
  • Modern RomanceAziz Ansari: This nonfiction book about dating and love in the modern world is quite funny, as you would expect from popular comedian Aziz Ansari. It covers topics spanning from dating apps like Tinder to cultural differences in dating practices around the world. The content is nicely balanced between statistical information, personal anecdotes, and straight jokes. I thought the book was interesting, if not particularly revelatory.
  • In a Dark, Dark WoodRuth Ware: This thriller follows perfectly from Luckiest Girl Alive and The Girl On the Train, both of which I read late last year. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I enjoyed this book any more than I did the other two. I never really found myself invested in the characters, who all seemed callous and a bit pitiful. Thus, it was hard to feel too enthralled by their perilous circumstances. It didn’t help that the ending was a bit of a let down, too.
  • CelebrateLauren Conrad: I was a little too young to appreciate Lauren Conrad in her prime Laguna Hill’s days (and mostly have seen the show in reruns) but I actually really enjoy her blog and knew I needed to pick up this book. It’s a beautiful hardcover full of party-planning ideas for every season, from a summer clambake to a festive New Year’s soiree. The photos are incredible and the surprisingly abundant text offers many practical tips for creating the perfect party atmosphere.
  • The Longest NightAndria Williams: I downloaded this book to my Kindle on a whim, and had no preconceptions when I started reading. This historical novel (set in the 1950s) starts slow, but I actually really enjoyed the leisurely approach to character development. It took me a long time to get through this book, yet I kept coming back. Although the climax felt a bit forced, I still enjoyed it over all.

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