Daily Eats: Morning Workout

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

*I meant to publish this on Friday, but completely forgot. So here it is now – yay for Sunday posts!*

Getting adjusted to a new routine can be hard. I’m loving living in San Francisco, but it’s been a bit difficult to settle in and organize my day. In particular, I haven’t quite figured out what type of exercise routine works best for my schedule yet. I’ve been trying to fit in a run or strength workout after work, but I’m often so, so tired that I just want to enjoy dinner and then collapse in bed. Yesterday, I decided to try a quick workout before leaving home for the day. I completed a T25 lower body workout video. I love that this series fits an intense routine into 25 minutes. I woke up at the same time I always do, and made it to the office only 15 minutes later than normal. I’ll keep you updated about whether the morning workout remains a part of my everyday routine. After arriving at work, I enjoyed some protein pancakes topped with a pear that I cooked with a little cinnamon.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

For lunch, I enjoyed a large green salad topped cucumbers, beets, and feta, plus a piece of chicken and a little vegetable casserole.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

I also snacked on some Greek yogurt with honey stirred in.

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

After work, I met up with some girlfriends at a Vietnamese restaurant. I wasn’t too hungry, so I enjoyed an order of spring rolls while we chatted. It was fun to catch up with one of my best friends, and to get to know the other two girls a bit better!

Daily Eats | Glitter & Grace Blog

Once I got home, I did laundry and tidied up a bit because a friend is visiting for the weekend. I finished off the night with two banana peanut butter oat muffins topped with some more peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch up with ya on Monday!

*My Daily Eats posts offer a glimpse into my everyday life and intuitive eating habits. They are meant to offer quick, healthy, and yummy meal ideas. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been eating recently!*

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