Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe: New Purchases

Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe: New Purchases | Glitter & Grace Blog #capsule #minimalism #capsulewardrobe

This winter, I focused on purchasing some high-quality, classic pieces. These additions to my capsule wardrobe will last me for years to come. An important part of the capsule experiment is only shopping four times per year – at the beginning of each season. Doing this gave me an opportunity to spend some extra time thinking about what I really want and need – which purchases would be most versatile and useful in my capsule, and would give me the most joy!

I settled on these ten items. A good mix of tops, jeans, dresses, and shoes offers a number of interesting outfit combinations. My original shopping list included a few other items too, but I narrowed it down to these must-haves. I really wanted to keep this capsule small and focused, and this gave me the chance to invest in some higher quality items. Ok, here’s the rundown on my new purchases:

  • Maroon top { Aritzia } : I found this top at a new favorite shop, Aritzia. They have great, high-quality basics. The rich tone of this maroon shirt makes it perfect for winter, while the loose and flowy cut is appropriate for the office (over a tank top) or a night out.
  • Red flannel { Abercrombie & Fitch } : Flannel shirts are such a comfy classic. They work with jeans and boots, under a vest, or over a dress for a more casual vibe. I’ve been wanting a red and black version like this one for a while now.
  • Tribal cardigan { Abercrombie & Fitch } : Warm and soft sweaters are one of my favorite types of clothing. I like that the light colors and loose draping of this cardigan feel totally cozy, yet it’s definitely a statement piece, too.
  • Black cardigan { Gap } : An easy black cardigan is a required staple for pretty much any wardrobe. I can throw this sweater over a blouse with jeans and flats for a simple work outfit, and I always take it as an extra layer when I go out on cold evenings. My last black cardigan disappeared during a night out, so I picked up this replacement.
  • Green dress { Aritzia } : This dress is another Aritzia find that’s perfect for winter, but also versatile enough for other seasons. I love the simple cut that is both flattering and comfy. In colder weather, the dress works well paired with a flannel shirt, sweater, or coat.
  • Sweater dress { Gap } : I’ve had my mind on sweater dresses for a while, and I like that this version is super warm and a great canvas for more creative accessories. I paired this dress with black tights, boots, and a soft scarf for an easy and elegant Thanksgiving outfit.
  • Distressed jeans { Abercrombie & Fitch } : I definitely needed some new jeans this season! Distressed pants seem to be back in style, and I like that this pair is a little unique. I’ll wear them with black booties or riding boots for all sorts of winter outfits.
  • Dark jeans { Gap } : And these dark wash skinnies are real classics. They are the perfect comfortable and versatile pants for any occasion. 
  • Black booties { Nordstrom } : I’m just realizing how versatile booties are. I’ve wore my gray pair a ton this fall, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a black version. I’ll wear these shoes with jeans for an elevated look, but also with dresses and skirts. 
  • Black boots { Sam Edelman } : These black leather riding boots are really well made with high-quality material, so I know that they will wear well. They are a great addition to my small shoe collection.

This season, I created a budget for my clothing purchases (just like the fall) – and I stuck to it pretty well! I purchased most of these items on sale, and ended up spending twenty seven dollars more than my allotted amount. I’m ok with this, since I love everything I bought and I had some money leftover from my fall capsule. Since these investments – particularly the boots and jeans – will last me, I also expect my spending to decrease over future seasons. This focus on quality over quantity is one of my favorite aspects of the capsule wardrobe! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my first outfit for the season, featuring this green dress and the black boots.

*This post is part of a series about my winter capsule wardrobe. Read more about it here.*

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