Summer 2015 Capsule: Outfit 16

Summer 2015 Capsule: Outfit 16 | Glitter & Grace Blog #capsule #minimalism #capsulewardrobe

Here’s another variation on one of my most-worn outfits: cuffed jeans with a button up shirt over a tank or tee. This combination is super laid back and comfortable, so I often reach for it when I’m feeling tired and a bit uninspired – like those early Thursday mornings when it seems like the week will never end. I feel lucky to work in an office where most people seem pretty unconcerned with what anyone else is wearing. It means that I can dress up a bit with a nicer blouse if I feel like it, wear a casual outfit like this one most days, and even throw on a sweatshirt and some sneakers for mornings that I’m running a little bit late.

*This post is part of a series about my summer capsule wardrobe. Read more about it here.*

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