Maple Coconut Granola

It’s funny: cereal is one of those things that most people never think to try making at home. We’re so used to going to the grocery store and scanning the aisle of brightly-colored cardboard boxes until we find our favorite – whether that’s Fruit Loops, all-natural Cocoa Crisps, or even plain old Cheerios. Personally, I … More Maple Coconut Granola

Recipe Inspiration: Strawberry Desserts

Last week I professed my love for all things strawberry, and this little crush just keeps getting stronger! While strawberry shortcake is my all-time favorite dessert, I’m not about to turn down some ice cream, doughnuts, or creme brûlée, either. I particular love strawberries because, like spring itself, I see them as a little preview … More Recipe Inspiration: Strawberry Desserts

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an old tradition that always feels appropriate as the weather starts to warm and the rainy season ends. Somehow, in the first weeks of April, I begin to crave a more simple, neat home. As I pull out shorts and sundresses to incorporate into my wardrobe and search my closet for beach … More Spring Cleaning

Strawberry Shortcake

Friends! It’s strawberry season! Also know as the best time of year. I’ve loved strawberries since I was a little girl, and always look forward to the first sweet, ruby red berries at the beginning of April. This time of year also happens to mark the start of my birthday season! In fact, this particular recipe … More Strawberry Shortcake

Moscow Mules

Crafting specialty cocktails has become a recent, fun hobby of mine. I’m by no means an expert, but I really enjoy researching new drinks and experimenting with different flavor combinations. There’s something so fun about picking out the most interesting and flavorful mix-ins (like grapefruit juice, strawberry simple syrup, and ginger beer) and combining a … More Moscow Mules

Avocado Lemon Pasta

Sometimes, I dream about steaming bowls of rich and creamy pasta, laden with parmesan cheese and other sinfully delicious ingredients. What, you do that, too? C’mon, admit it, I know you want some! There’s something about a cream-based sauce – be it béchamel, alfredo, or your typical mac and cheese – that pairs so well … More Avocado Lemon Pasta