Moscow Mules

Crafting specialty cocktails has become a recent, fun hobby of mine. I’m by no means an expert, but I really enjoy researching new drinks and experimenting with different flavor combinations. There’s something so fun about picking out the most interesting and flavorful mix-ins (like grapefruit juice, strawberry simple syrup, and ginger beer) and combining a … More Moscow Mules

Avocado Lemon Pasta

Sometimes, I dream about steaming bowls of rich and creamy pasta, laden with parmesan cheese and other sinfully delicious ingredients. What, you do that, too? C’mon, admit it, I know you want some! There’s something about a cream-based sauce – be it béchamel, alfredo, or your typical mac and cheese – that pairs so well … More Avocado Lemon Pasta

Whole Wheat Crepes

These crepes take me straight back to the semester I spent studying in Paris. I enjoyed the best food throughout my time in Europe – steak frites, baguette sandwiches stuffed with foie gras, and lots and lots of almond croissants. But once or twice a week, when I was craving a simple, homey meal, I … More Whole Wheat Crepes

Split Pea Soup

I’ve been practicing a few soup recipes this winter, because soup is one of those miracle foods that should be in any good cook’s recipe arsenal. With a few simple techniques perfected, the ingredient combinations are endless. In fact, most soups require just a minimal amount of chopping and preparation. The real magic happens with … More Split Pea Soup