Strawberry Shortcake

Friends! It’s strawberry season! Also know as the best time of year. I’ve loved strawberries since I was a little girl, and always look forward to the first sweet, ruby red berries at the beginning of April. This time of year also happens to markย the start of my birthday season! In fact, this particular recipe … More Strawberry Shortcake

Apple Crisp

Imagine a bed of tart apples, bubbling with sweetened juices and perfectly spiced with cinnamon. Strewn atop is a rich and buttery mixture ofย hearty oats and walnuts that soaks up each bit of fruity flavor. Is your mouth watering yet? This apple crisp is truly my idea of the perfect autumn dessert. It is at … More Apple Crisp


These blondies are one of my very favorite treats! I came up with this recipe a few years ago, and have been making it for family and friends ever since. The bars are rich and dense, so a little goes a long way. Butterscotch chips (my favorite guilty pleasure) are the perfect addition, along with … More Blondies